Energy Overview


Energy organizations, operating in highly dynamic and competitive environments, need tools that give them insight and flexibility into customer acquisition, as well as providing effective tools and process enablers for clear, manageable customer retention. They need accurate, comprehensive, up-to-the-moment information. Who are their customers? What are their customers’ needs and wants? What drives their customers’ purchasing decisions?

The typical off-the-shelf application, providing a fragmented picture of past experience, does a poor job of solving highly dynamic problems and addressing core issues. To support success, software solutions must do more than simply report on what happened; they need to drive complex business processes and navigate a path to success through complex analytical data.

That’s where AppsTek comes in. AppsTek has used energy-sector best practices in developing a portfolio of comprehensive, scalable, and easy-to-use tools (both Oracle and non-Oracle-based) that address specific adaptable business processes.


Among the energy-sector companies AppsTek is proud to serve:

  • 4th Largest US oil and gas company 2011
  • A leading Metallurgical Coal Producer

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Leadership in Oil and Gas

Leadership in Oil and Gas

  • More than 160 upstream companies run Oracle applications.
  • Nine of the top 10 oilfield service companies (from Reuters Online) run Oracle applications.
  • More than 100 downstream companies run Oracle applications.
  • Nine of the top 10 integrated oil companies (from the PFC Energy 50) run Oracle applications for their downstream businesses.


Oracle’s best-in-class industry solutions address complex business needs and processes relevant to your industry, enabling you to speed time to market, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

Benefits Descriptions
Enable Efficient Exploration and Production
  • Gather and manage exploration data from diverse applications with an SOA/PPDM framework
  • Integrate and associate data using integration and data hub technology
  • Analyze, visualize, and gain insight into exploration using 3D geospatial visualization tools
Optimize Oilfield Operations
  • Integrate production data with operational and financial information using a petroleum-specific enterprise bus and customized workflows
  • Track and allocate production costs for oilfield operations using petroleum production accounting
  • Maximize oilfield ROI by balancing maintenance investment, margin analysis, and resource allocation using industry-specific business intelligence tools
Streamline Refinery Operations and Petroleum Delivery
  • Achieve total productive maintenance with an integrated suite of asset and operations applications
  • Use advanced tools to optimize supply and distributions networks
  • Manage risk from supply disruptions using modeling and planning tools
  • Gain control of operations with execution and tracking systems
Accelerate Downstream Revenue Growth
  • Leverage strategic customer relationships using industry-specific pricing and contract management
  • Drive growth in retail by increasing non-fuel revenue
  • Predict and manage demand with Oracle’s best-in-class predictive demand planning tools