Financial Overview


In the financial industry, success depends on retaining and expanding your client base, improving cross-selling opportunities, and increasing profitability through a better understanding of customer behavior, needs, and preferences. In addition, it is essential to detect and deter fraud; deal with globalization; manage the risks associated with investments, credit and lending, and consumer bankruptcies; and increase efficiency of core business processes such as call-center management, loan processing, and payroll management.

Those challenges remain, of course, but today’s banking, finance, and investment companies operate in an increasingly diverse, unpredictable environment. Through mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and internal growth, financial institutions must race to gain a competitive edge by entering new business areas and delivering more products and services.

That’s why industry leaders turn to AppsTek’s Oracle E-Business implementation team, with its extensive knowledge base and range of modules, its enterprise business intelligence, and its application integration technologies expertise, to help streamline business processes and improve responsiveness in critical business areas.


Among the financial companies AppsTek is proud to serve:

  • A leading provider of reloadable prepaid debit cards and related financial services to underbanked consumers in the United States
  • A leading global payments, network and travel company
  • An investment management firm that offers investment products and wealth management solutions

Case studies



No.1 in Financial Services

No.1 in Financial Services

  • Twenty of the 20 top US banks run Oracle.
  • Twenty of the top 20 US insurance companies run Oracle applications.
  • Nine of the top 10 US securities firms use Oracle applications.
  • Four of the top five US mutual fund companies use Oracle applications.
  • Four of the top five world stock exchanges use Oracle applications.


Oracle Financial Services streamlines both your front and back offices, enabling better business decisions while maximising the value of internal resources and processes.

Benefits Descriptions
Customer-centric Focus
  • Gather a complete, “single source” view of your customers to drive targeted, personalised and measurable interactions
Business Flexibility
  • Make real-time decisions and rapidly deploy new products and services to meet changing market demands
Risk and Compliance Management
  • Secure client data and reduce operational risk at every level while meeting analytic and reporting requirements
Operational Effectiveness
  • Enable strategic procurement, institute sophisticated process controls and boost the engagement of your firm’s most important asset—employees