Manufacturing Overview


As manufacturers across the automotive, aerospace, high-tech, and industrial sectors recover from regional and global economic downturns, they are seeking new ways to optimize their Oracle systems to accelerate innovation, boost brand equity, drive growth through customer-centric processes, and optimize supply chain performance.

AppsTek’s Supply Chain Center of Excellence anchors our comprehensive range of solutions and expertise in the supply-chain planning space, including consulting, assessments, product evaluation, implementation, upgrades, and production support. Our teams of manufacturing-domain experts and highly experienced Oracle consultants partner to drive innovation for manufacturers across the supply chain, including service transformation, warranty management, value-chain planning, and reverse logistics.


Among the manufacturing companies AppsTek is proud to serve:

  • A leading manufacturing company
  • A leading a vertically integrated, Fortune 500 steel company that recycles, manufactures, fabricates, and trades steel globally

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Leadership in Industrial Manufacturing

Leadership in Industrial Manufacturing

  • Nine of Fortune’s top 10 US industrial and farm equipment manufacturers run Oracle applications.
  • Eight of Industry Week’s top 10 leading machinery manufacturers run Oracle applications.
  • Ten of the top 15 leading container and packaging companies run Oracle applications.
  • Seven of the top 10 electrical equipment manufacturers on the Fortune 500 run Oracle applications.
  • Twelve of the top 15 global manufacturing conglomerates run Oracle applications.
  • Six of Fortune’s top 11 most-admired industrial and farm equipment manufacturers run Oracle applications.
  • Fifteen of the top 30 machinery manufacturers on Industry Week’s Global 1000 run Oracle applications.


Oracle Financial Services streamlines both your front and back offices, enabling better business decisions while maximising the value of internal resources and processes.

Benefits Descriptions
Accelerate Innovation and Boost Brand Equity
  • Accelerate innovation and time to market
  • Improve design and engineering collaboration
  • Maximize brand equity with deep customer and business insight
Drive Growth through Customer-Centric Processes
  • Simplify order capture and fulfillment of increasingly complex products
  • Improve channel performance through lead management, order management, and partner collaboration
  • Maximize spare parts revenue and deliver superior installation and overall services
Optimize Supply Chain Performance
  • Respond more rapidly and accurately to demand changes in an increasingly complex global supply chain
  • Optimize material and production resources globally
  • Reduce logistics cost while Improving on-time delivery
Drive Revenue and Margin Growth through Service Transformation
  • Bundle product and service offerings, and improve performance of service-level agreements
  • Expand and automate service delivery capabilities
  • Transform service operations into customer-centric profit centers

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