AppsTek Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap

At AppsTek, we know that successful strategies don’t just happen. They depend on having a clear, thoughtful, business-driven Roadmap to Success.

Smart, timely, profitable decisions require delivery of the right information, to the right person, at exactly the right time. As organizations grow, they often find themselves drowning under a tide of data. Managers clamor for the answers to their questions, but they either receive too much information — or none at all. Organizations have trouble identifying the essential data, and then they face challenges delivering it to decision makers while it’s fresh, accurate, and actionable.

Investing in a business intelligence (BI) platform is essential, but it’s only a first step. Your BI solution must support your strategic goals, and it must deliver significant business value. That is why AppsTek Business Solutions offers the AppsTek Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap.

It’s not for nothing that AppsTek is known as “the SWAT team” of technology consultancies. Our BI strategy experts will hit the ground running, partnering with you to evaluate and prioritize your business strategies, then linking them to specific BI capabilities.

The AppsTek BI Roadmap will provide you with a pragmatic, phased series of initiatives, including essential process and organizational changes, that will enable you to evolve your business for success. And when you’re ready to execute on that strategy, our AppsTek SWAT team will manage the effort. If you like, we’ll even provide an AppsTek BI team to do the initiative.

Your Strategy and Roadmap will be clearly divided into three distinct phases. We call them “Actions.”

A Proven, Action Approach to Business Transformation

AppsTek delivers its BI Strategy and Roadmap in three phased, thoughtfully applied ACTIONS: Understanding, Description, and Creation.

We will begin by evaluating your organization’s readiness for change. We will focus on your people, your processes, and your technology. This will lead us to a set of Actions — initiatives that are realistically achievable, given your readiness for change, your current status, and your available resources.

AppsTek’s BI Strategy and Roadmap service has proven itself at small organizations and Fortune 100 corporations. It ensures the proper alignment of business and IT plans, it makes sure your are making the necessary investments, it assures that your investments are delivering maximum value, and it keeps progress manageable and measurable.


Exploration & Gaining Vital Insights

  • Propose scope, approach, and plan
  • Identify steering committee members
  • Review existing documentation
  • Define interview list and schedule 
  • Conduct a kick-off meeting
  • Schedule review meetings

Assessing the Current State

  • Conduct interviews and workshops with business and IT stakeholders
  • Identify business objectives and related requirements
  • Determine current state of processes, skills, data, technology, and architecture
  • Identify key issues
  • Assess the current state of the technology environment and logical architecture


Your Future State

  • We will conduct workshops with key stakeholders to assess business priorities and refine proposed future state of the business and related BI capabilities.
  • We will concentrate on key strategies, requirements, processes, organization, skills, data, technology, and logical architecture.

Initiate Planning

  • Conduct workshops to establish priorities and gather input.
  • Develop a phased roadmap based on business objectives, potential levels of investment, and ability to change.
  • Recommend necessary technology changes.
  • Deliver the draft roadmap, which clearly explicates business requirements; changes to business processes, organization, skills, data, and technology; logical IT architecture and technical environment; definition of projects; and project sequence.


Strategic Blueprint

  • Refine project descriptions.
  • Develop resource estimates for all initiatives.
  • Develop aggregate resource estimates across all initiatives.
  • Prepare and conduct stakeholder presentations.
  • Deliver roadmap poster, presentation, and executive summary.
  • Deliver program resource requirement spreadsheet with high-level investment.