HANA Business Case Assessment / or Why HANA?

Using a structured process and methodology, we can assist your organization in determining if there is a supporting business case for investing in SAP HANA. And if so, we help you build a compressive business plan and use case to support such an investment.We follow a five-step approach in working with business and technical stakeholders in identifying and prioritizing use cases that drive maximum business value. We help you identify key business drivers and value enablers for SAP HANA and using an ROI calculation engine we help you determine the total cost of ownership on your SAP HANA investments.

Key Deliverables :

  • Business Drivers for SAP HANA
  • Ranking of use cases with value enablers and benefits
  • Recommendation on SAP HANA architecture and modeling scenarios
  • Total cost of ownership

S4 HANA on HANA-Key Areas for Business Value

  • Empower business users with flexible analytics
  • Increase user-adoption through real-time interaction and boost productivity
  • Simply business processes with immediate insight to action for improved effectiveness(“actionable information”)
  • Speed-up core business processes to reduce operational costs
  • Increase responsivenss to changes in customer demands with “real” real-time information
  • Discover new opportunities with powerful insights from operational data
  • Unlock new growth opportunities with data-driven,innovative business models
  • Boost competitiveness with predictive analysis and simulation on Big Data for smarter decisions
  • Transform business processes flexibly to amplifying top-line growth

SAP HANA Business Case Development Methodology

1. Analyze Business Processes

  • Identify critical business processes
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Understand pain points
  • Value calculation:List use cases, value enablers and potential benefits

2. HANA Modeling

  • HANA standalone
  • BW on HANA
  • HANA side car approach
  • BW
  • Reporting strategy
  • Migration scenario

3. Cost Analysis –
ROI Calculation

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Implementation costs
  • Support costs
  • Total cost of ownership savings
  • Productivity savings
  • Business benefits

4. Review Technical

  • IT Strategy
  • Current infrastructure
  • System management and monitoring
  • Support packs
  • BW upgrades
  • HANA infrastructure scenarios

5. Sustainment

  • Organization structure
  • Skillsets of employees
  • Training


  • Business Drivers for SAP HANA
  • Ranking of use cases with on value enablers and benefits
  • Recommendation on SAP HANA Architecture and Modelling Scenarios
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Functional & Technical Roadmap
  • SAP HANA Implementation Project Plan
  • Recommendation on Project and Sustainment Organization
  • Information Delivery Model

Duration:  2 Weeks
Depending on environment – typical cost is under $15,000

Total Cost of Ownership and Business Case for S4HANA

Enterprise S4HANA full assessment: 4-6 weeks