Products to Optimize Your Business Enterprise System

Today’s businesses collect vast amounts of complex data. The very nature of that data — its sheer volume and complexity — challenge the organization to make use of it. AppsTek Business Solutions offers a comprehensive range of products that will allow you to gather, organize, process, and display data with the precision and transparency that will enable you to get the most out of your business enterprise systems.

Executive Dashboards

AppsTek Executive Dashboards offer an overall view of the company sales, finance, and capital. They provide predictive models to help make executive decisions, and reduce costs and risk. Use our Dashboards to synthesize and align financial and accounting data to increase profitability and transparency. Uncover unexpected insights and make more informed business and financial decisions.

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Industry Specific Dashboards

AppsTek’s Dashboards let you display and analyze your metrics and KPIs in a way that makes sense for you and your industry. Instead of static reports, you’ll now have interactive, real-time data.

Our Dashboards show certain aspects particular to their industry outputs from multiple points of information to help make decisions or track information that are critical to the way they do business. They deliver transformative insights to the business decision-maker and are a new type of solution – one that is pre-built for very specific industry use cases.

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Supply Chain and Product Organization

AppsTek’s Dashboards allow your company to analyze, improve and create opportunities for more efficiency. In addition, our Dashboards will improve planning, increase performance, and reduce risk.

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Human Resources Analytics

AppsTek’s Dashboards help maximize your workplace management and Optimize employee management and succession planning. Use your AppsTek Dashboard to analyze staffing resources and onboarding, assess training and education offerings, monitor productivity trends, and improve workplace relations.

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Executive Sales Performance Intelligence

Today’s imperative – a data-driven sales model!

Analyze and segment. Target customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue. Manage pipeline and forecast. Improve tracking of performance against goals. Spot trends, opportunities and challenges to make predictive moves to better position your company by cross referencing your internal data with external sources. Whether you want our Qlikview pre-built dashboard that we can stand up in a matter of days or have AppsTek build you a custom dashboard with Tableau, SAP (BO, Design Studio, Lumira), Oracle (Hyperion, OBIEE, Endeca) or Microsoft Power BI; you can count on AppsTek- the SWAT Team of the Technology World!

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