Industry Specific Dashboards

AppsTek’s Dashboards let you display and analyze your metrics and KPIs in a way that makes sense for you and your industry. Instead of static reports, you’ll now have interactive, real-time data.

Our Dashboards show certain aspects particular to their industry outputs from multiple points of information to help make decisions or track information that are critical to the way they do business. They deliver transformative insights to the business decision-maker and are a new type of solution – one that is pre-built for very specific industry use cases.

Finance / Banking

Finance / Banking

Banks and other financial institutions distinguish themselves by the quality of their service. Your AppsTek Dashboard will give you the power to offer your customers a new level of insight, making your company stand out from the crowd.

Banks and financial institutions take advantage of AppsTek Dashboards to:

  • Provide dynamic web-based tools for sales personnel and customers to track the value of savings and investments.
  • Provide what-if analyses to help clients understand the potential impacts of investment decisions.
  • Monitor loans and manage risk.
  • Produce reports on outstanding accounts.


The insurance industry is driven by data, but equipping stakeholders in your organization to access, analyze, and use that data has been a challenge. AppsTek Dashboards make it not only possible, but easy, for companies in the insurance sector to:

  • Understand and monitor sales performance.
  • Monitor the status of claims processing.
  • Investigate claims patterns to detect fraud.
  • Explore various pricing models.
  • Evaluate overall portfolio risk profile.

With an AppsTek Dashboard, your professionals will be able to easily analyze the complexities of multiple products across multiple markets. They will know where profit can be earned, and where risks threaten profitability. Your branch managers will have the tools to identify the customers who are driving profits, and your risk managers will be able to determine global exposures at a moment’s notice.

You will be able to deliver fresh insights to your branch offices, streamline regulatory compliance, and reduce your costs and expenses. Your AppsTek Dashboard will help you optimize your trading strategies, keep track of counter-parties and collateral, calculate capital requirements, measure global exposure across multiple products, and optimize hedging strategies.

Oil&Gas / Energy


Companies in the energy industry depend on analyses that are up-to-the-minute, flexible, intuitive, and accurate. Your AppsTek Dashboard permits you to analyze your latest data, without depending on IT support and without difficult, complex report building.

Energy industry leaders use our dashboards for their oil and gas analytics, including:

  • Upstream analysis: rapid benchmarking and model guidance.
  • Cross-stream analysis: understanding disparate data.
  • Downstream analysis: client portals and industry publications.
  • A wide variety of oil and gas well visualizations.
  • Optimize value based asset management, costs and reliability
  • Accurately predict demand, control costs and discover answers.
  • Maximize assets, optimize supply chain and reduce costs.
  • Improve supply-and-demand forecasts.
  • Track leading indicators to adjust your operations to changing market conditions.

AppsTek Dashboards connect oil and gas companies with production data in almost any format, focus on production surveillance, and monitor the output of all assets from a single dashboard. AppsTek dashboard solutions display data necessary for effective strategic decisions and help to manage abandonment costs, local human resources, foreign entity taxation, legal issues, and operating/lease agreements.

Your AppsTek Dashboard simplifies complex research tasks, and you’ll be able to identify resource allocations, reservoir output trends, and profile patterns using visual analysis — all within a powerful, but easy to learn and use, application suite.

With your AppsTek Dashboard, you will be able to construct information portals for clients and colleagues, and you’ll be providing valuable reports within minutes.

Wind and solar energy companies depend on AppsTek Dashboards for sophisticated weather forecasting and analytics to better manage their energy sources and to more accurately forecast the amount of energy that can be stored or redirected into the power grid.



Manufacturing data changes constantly, but collecting and understanding it in real-time can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your AppsTek Dashboard allows you to:

  • Analyze the production, shipping, and profitability of every process.
  • Combine multiple screen-views in interactive dashboards.
  • Share and monitor data across your entire organization, in real time.
  • Compare your company to published industry metrics with sophisticated manufacturing charts.

With your AppsTek Dashboard, you’ll blend and link data to gain deep insights that would have otherwise been impossible or impractical. By empowering managers to analyze live data, your AppsTek Dashboard allows them to get answers to their vital questions faster than ever.

Your AppsTek Dashboard, unlike other manufacturing BI tools, requires no prior database or IT experience. In most of our dashboard solutions, you’ll blend data in the same view with a simple drag-and-drop process. For example, you’ll be able to choose a particular facility by simply clicking on a map; in one view you’ll view detailed defect information for that facility, and in another view you’ll see historical production and defect data for that facility.

You’ll make faster, more profitable decisions, gain real-time visibility across your entire supply chain, increase operational effectiveness, and collaborate more smoothly to enhance business agility.



Healthcare managers need to see a complex web of data — metrics across hospitals, programs, and regions — analyze that data in complicated ways, and share it with key employees.

The AppsTek Dashboard allows managers in the healthcare industry to:

  • Separate profitability by specialties, HRGs (Healthcare Resource Groups), gender, age, admission method, and many other indices.
  • Provide interactive, web-based dashboards so staff can get exactly the data they need right on the floor and in real time.
  • Provide unified access to medical records and patient information.
  • Drill down to detailed records of each individual patient, providing an interactive platform for health care providers to monitor, analyze, and improve their services.
  • Easily explore Medicare spending and keep track of trends.
  • Monitor the most prevalent diseases (and associated costs) in a given population.
  • Use MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) data to evaluate the risks of particular applicants, which diseases they are most susceptible to, and the costs of treatment for them.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction by improving cycle time.

AppsTek dashboard solutions help hospitals and health systems monitor pharmaceutical usage and inventory, improve volume pricing, and gain clearer understanding of costs, service levels, and performance of competing vendors to negotiate for supplies and services.

Using the AppsTek Dashboard, healthcare CFOs and accounting professionals gain visibility across cash flow, net cash, bad debt, and cost-to-collect; increase cost capture; and reduce the burdens of P4P and DRG tracking, reporting, and cost accounting. Finance departments use the Dashboard to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting; to profile costs and revenue; to improve revenue cycle management, and to monitor the impact of cost controls on the bottom line.