Today’s imperative – a data-driven sales model!

  • Analyze and segment.
  • Target customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue.
  • Manage pipeline and forecast.
  • Improve tracking of performance against goals.
  • Spot trends, opportunities and challenges to make predictive moves to better position your company by cross referencing your internal data with external sources.

Whether you want our Qlikview pre-built dashboard that we can stand up in a matter of days or have AppsTek build you a custom dashboard with Tableau, SAP (BO, Design Studio, Lumira), Oracle (Hyperion, OBIEE, Endeca) or Microsoft Power BI; you can count on AppsTek- the SWAT Team of the Technology World!

From 24-hour business news channels and financial news websites, to social media timelines sharing every detail of an organization’s ups and downs, corporate performance news now travels at the speed of light. For business-to-business organizations, the stereotypical high-pressure, high-stakes role of the sales professional has existed for decades. The reality is that the pressure on an organization’s top-line, and the sales leaders and reps that are accountable for it, has never been greater.

From a single lost contract, to a build-up of inventory, or a new product release from a competitor, business-to-consumer organizations are under similar pressure – pressure that can be quickly intensified by an empowered consumer base.

With billions of dollars in market value constantly on the line, an organization’s ability to grow revenue in a sustainable, predictable way relies on sales analytics. Organizations must find a way to aggregate, sift through, and make sense of all of their data to find the most relevant and accurate information to support sales decisions to drive top-line results.

  • Freely explore sales data to improve targeting and call-list quality.
  • Boost revenue.
  • Uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Improve pipeline control and revenue performance.
  • Identify risks to revenue.
  • Test potential solutions.
  • Create better collaboration between managers and sales teams.
  • Empower your sales teams with direct access to real-time data on customers and inventory.
  • Make smarter decisions with timely CRM data.
  • Take the complexity out of analysis.

Get the full picture!

With our pre-built Qlik dashboard, that includes *Qlik Data Market, you can augment and cross-reference your internal data with external sources to add greater context. Look at data from a variety of sources to get a full understanding of your business.

  • Spot trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Enrich your context to see the full picture
  • Connect the pieces with external data
  • Gain new perspective
  • Spend less time connecting data and more time understanding it
  • Quickly search and pull normalized data from different external sources in a centralized location
  • Make confident analyses

*(premium service license required)