Human Resources Analytics

AppsTek’s Dashboards help maximize your workplace management and Optimize employee management and succession planning. Use your AppsTek Dashboard to Analyze staffing resources and onboarding, Assess training and education offerings, Monitor productivity trends, and improve workplace relations.

Human Resources

Human Resources

AppsTek’s dashboard solutions assist human resources professionals as they seek to perform HR analytics, understand trends, and explore the tradeoffs of various strategic decisions.

Your AppsTek Dashboard helps you to:

  • Manage labor hours and productivity.
  • Understand staffing trends.
  • Identify and mitigate risk.
  • Audit Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) issues.
  • Keep employee data secure but sharable with authorized managers.
  • Avoid waste by analyzing resource allocation.

With an AppsTek dashboard solution, you’ll be able to identify patterns in hiring, firing, and promotions across your company; analyze benefits and labor costs; and manage your succession plan to avoid gaps in key roles.