Supply Chain and Product Organization

AppsTek’s Dashboards allow your company to analyze, improve and create opportunities for more efficiency. In addition, our Dashboards will improve planning, increase performance, and reduce risk.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

AppsTek’s dashboard solutions are ideal for helping supply chain managers analyze complex information systems as they deliver goods and services on tight deadlines.

AppsTek’s Dashboard helps to:

  • Identify and rectify inefficiencies in shipping scheduling.
  • Improve transportation and inventory planning.
  • Increase transportation management efficiency.
  • Track just-in-time delivery metrics.
  • Combine complicated multiple logistics systems into a single, easy-to-read analysis, using such powerful features as built-in geocoding, data blending, cross-data source triggers, connectivity to external web services, support for WMS mapping services, and built-in calculation support.

AppsTek’s Dashboard facilitates reporting, visualizing, and forecasting by combining multiple views of the product chain, creating advanced algorithms and shipping models, and revealing new associations between disparate systems. From forecasting to production, warehousing, and transportation, AppsTek’s dashboard solutions are designed to streamline all aspects of your supply chain process.